Trailer Mods

There is no such thing as the perfect trailer out of the gate. Everyone has to make it their own and we have made many changes to ours; some big, some small.
This page is dedicated to the changes I have made.

Bathroom Solar LED nightlight

This was my first mod to both the Cameo and our new Solitude. Read all about it >HERE<.

Our Solar Power System (Updated January 2022)

This is by far the largest, most complex and expensive mod we have done.
All the gory details can be found >HERE<.

Hot water circulation pump

Stop wasting water while waiting for the hot water to get to the bathroom faucets.
Read all about it >HERE<.

Moisture Alarms

Detect leaks in the belly of the beast before they get serious. Details >HERE<.

Rear Skid Plate

Eliminate any chance of ripping the back wall off the trailer! Details >HERE<.

Hose and Cord Storage

My solution to the mess of tangled hoses and cords.
All the details are available >HERE<.

Electrical Management System

We installed an EMS / Surge Protector to protect against electrical surges and miswired campground pedestals.
See what we did >HERE<.

Residential Fridge (Updated February 2021)

Our Norcold 2118 RV fridge never did work very well so we replaced it with a residential unit.
See how we did it and what we replaced it with >HERE<.


Weather and Environmental Monitoring

We have a weather and environmental monitoring system that monitors a number of areas in and around the trailer. The details are >HERE<.

Internet Connectivity and Internal Network

Being mobile has its challenges in staying connected. See how we do it >HERE<.


Some other mods and upgrades completed. Some of these may get their own page with details at some point.

  • Install satellite dish
  • Rewire satellite receiver coax feeds to be more professional
  • Add coaxial switches and rewired satellite dish connections to be able to use an external dish
  • Upgraded satellite dish electronics
  • Add Oxygenics shower head and valve
  • Add 12V power distribution into TV alcove
  • Add motion lights in front cupboards
  • Remove outside stove
  • Remove outside mini fridge
  • Add magnet for front right passthrough door
  • Add pressure regulator in wet bay
  • Add LED strip light under hutch to illuminate hutch counter top
  • Add generator connection in front compartment
  • Add extended generator run fuel tank in front compartment
  • Add second USB outlet in hutch
  • Replace factory mattress
  • Add hanger rod in shower
  • Add Maxair vent cover to bathroom vent
  • Add power bar at kitchen table
  • Rewire water pump to eliminate flickering lights
  • Install RV AirFlow system duct mod to front A/C
  • Add IR blaster to TV
  • Add shelves to garage
  • Add e-track to garage
  • Add Flag pole holders to ladder
  • Add Anderson Hitches RotaFlex lockout kit
  • Add anti-condensation solution under mattress
  • Add Smart Plugs to fridge and TV with 2 extras
  • Add TST-507 TPMS system
  • Add LED strip lights around 2 front slides
  • Changed toilet seat

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