Electrical Management System

So far this year while camp hosting in Okotoks, AB, we have had a number of very active thunderstorms rolling through the area. I have been unplugging us as a means of protecting our trailer and it's electrical systems. We have personal experience as to what a nearby lightning strike can do as we had a strike about a year before selling our house in Kamloops. Even though that strike only hit a tree in our back yard, the surge took out over $3,000 worth of electronics in our house and caused damage to others up and down our block.
One of the things I have wanted to add for a while now is some form of protection against electrical transients such as surges from lightning and also from miswired campground electrical pedestals. The latter is more common than one might think.
The one I have had my eye on for a while now is the HW50C from Progressive Industries. I chose the hard wired version as I didn't feel comfortable leaving a $450 piece of gear hanging on a power post outside. This version provides the same protection but is safely installed in the belly of our beast.
We found the one we purchased on Amazon.
Installation was pretty straight forward. I had room for it right beside our existing Transfer Switch which made connections a breeze. I only needed to add a single short 6/3 connection between the EMS and the shore power connection of the transfer switch.
I should add, I added the EMS on the input side of the transfer switch rather than the output as I figured the generators would be stable enough to not require any protection.

Here is the EMS installed in the electronics bay beside the Transfer Switch.

I installed the remote display for the EMS on the door of the front passthrough right beside the Electronic Leveling control panel. It is easy to access here when plugging in.

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