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Here is our travel map in greater detail. There are several controls embedded in the map that you can use to refine your view of it. Not to worry, you can't change anything permanently.

The first two are the Zoom In and Zoom Out controls. They let you focus in on specific areas of the map. The other way to zoom in and out is if you have a mouse with a wheel, you can rotate the wheel as well. Also if you move your mouse pointer over the map, you will notice it changes to a hand shape. You can then press and hold your left mouse button and drag the map around.

Another feature you may notice is that if you move your mouse over one of our route or location markers, it will change from a hand symbol to a pointing finger and a small pop up will show the location or route. If you click your left mouse button when the finger is showing, another pop up window will show some extra information about that item. Usually this will be when we were there and where we stayed. I may add extra information to these items in the future.

The next control is the View Fullscreen control. Clicking on it will switch to a window with the map filling the screen. Notice the View Fullscreen symbol has changed slightly.

It now has a dot in the middle. It is now the Exit Fullscreen control. You actually have 2 ways to get out of Fullscreen mode; one is to use the Exit Fullscreen control but the other is to simply press the Escape key. Either of these will bring you back to this page.

Lastly is the See Data Layers control. By default, the map only shows locations and routes we have traveled for the current year. If everything was turned on, the map would get pretty crowded, especially in areas we visit every year. You can however change the view to previous years by turning on or off specific years.

When you click on the See Data Layers control, it will open up and show you what other layers are available. Each layer is one year of our adventure. It currently all starts when we headed South in 2018 but I hope to add some information on our previous years travels soon.
To turn the various layers on and off, click the small eye symbol. In this example, 2018 is turned OFF while 2019 is ON. I will also be colour coding each year. At the moment, our 2019 travels are shown in RED on the map, while last year is PURPLE.
The little magnifying glass adjusts the focus on that particular item. It really isn't all that useful in this application.
The other item is the Browse data control. Pressing this opens up a side bar where all our data can be seen at a glance.
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