Weather and Environmental Monitoring

One thing I like to keep track of is the weather around us and particularly the temperature in various parts of the rig.

This was particularly important during the winter of 2020/2021 which we were forced to spend in Canada due to COVID-19.
Even though we had the trailer skirted, I was still concerned about temperatures in, around and under it.
I had been using an AcuRite system in our house for a number of years and put the same system to use here.
The system we have uses the Access as the system core, paired with a 5 in 1 outdoor sensor that measures wind, temperature, humidity and rainfall along with 6 additional temperature/humidity sensors placed around the trailer.
The Access unit ties into our internet router and uploads its data every 5 minutes to AcuRites servers where it can be accessed anywhere in the world.

Access with MyAcuRite app

5 in 1 outdoor sensor

Indoor Temperature/Humidity sensor

I have the 5 in 1 sensor mounted on an 8 foot pole that I can quickly attach to the ladder at the back of the trailer. When not in use, the sensor comes off and stores in a dedicated foam packed plastic tub and the pole is stored in the garage.

For the 6 temperature/humidity sensors, I have them placed as follows:

  • 1 in the indoor living space. It is on the hutch in the middle of the trailer.
  • 1 in the underbelly. This one was put here to warn if anything in the belly was getting close to freezing while we were parked in Oliver, BC for the winter.
  • 1 in the garage to keep track of the temperature in the space under the bedroom.
  • 1 outside under the trailer. This one was to monitor the temperature behind the skirting when we were parked in Oliver.
  • 1 outside in the compartment behind the fridge to monitor the temperature there.
  • 1 in the fridge freezer.


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