Hose and cord storage

Up until now, I have been storing all my hoses and power cords coiled up and stacked on edge in the left side of the front passthrough. This sort of worked but was a bit of a pain when I wanted to pull out a specific hose or cord. Inevitably I would also drag out another one along with it. Also they always tended to wind up laying flat and piled on top of each other.
I figured, there had to be a better way.
A few weeks back while I was browsing through Canadian Tires web site, I happened on these velcro ties; Wrap-It Heavy Duty Storage Straps.

They come in a number of different sizes from small to jumbo and have a heavy duty grommet to use for hanging.
I figured these would work perfectly if I could come up with a way to hang them in the passthrough.
After a bit of thought I came up with the following.

I attached a couple of pieces of 1" EMT with a some brackets fabricated from some 3/4" flat aluminum bar. I then cannibalized some rubber bungee straps for the 'S' hooks and used them to hang the hoses and cords.

This resulted in a much tidier storage area.

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