Monday, February 25, 2019

Bloom time

The last round of rain we had a few days ago has really started things blooming down here. Nothing on the cacti yet but lots and lots of wildflowers.

According to the iNaturalist app on my phone, the purple flowers above are Desert or Pink Sand Verbena. In some areas there cover large areas of the desert. These ones were found within a few feet of where we were parked at the Yuma Aeromodellers field.

This is a Dune Evening Primrose

This is a Desert Evening Primrose

I think this is a member of the Globemallow family, likely the  Desert Globemallow.

This one was a bit harder to identify but I think it is a Browneye.

This one was a little tough as well but I think it is a Clearwater Cryptantha.

We have moved over to the Westwind RV Resort only a couple of Kms from the airfield where we were. We had a 2 free night coupon that we decided to make use of. This is the first time we have been plugged into power since we left home in November! It feels a bit strange not having to worry about using extra power for things!

We have decided to hang around Yuma for another week or so but we are now giving some thought on what route we want to take heading home. I would like to stay on the East side of the Sierras up through Nevada and East of the Coast Range through Oregon and Washington, weather permitting.

It does look like the weather is finally changing and we are getting out of the cold we have seen for the last couple of months. The forecast for the next week is for warmer weather getting up into the high 20's. It's about time! Maybe the warmer weather will bring out more flowers.

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