Thursday, February 28, 2019

Back to Mittry for a bit

We pulled out of Westwind RV Resort yesterday morning after our 2 night free stay and have moved back out to Mittry Lake. This is one of our favorite places. The scenery, the peace and quiet, and the cost (free) make it almost perfect. We plan to stay here at least into next week.

In the photo above, you can see the lake with a number of fishing jettys, the boat ramp and parking area in the upper right and where we are camped (the push pin). Most of the area down by the lake was posted for a maximum 10 days/year stay, but we have been told the canal, shown at the bottom, is actually managed by the irrigation department and has different rules. The area where we camp is also about 50 feet higher than the lake so we get a nice view.
Since we were here in December though, they have made some changes to the camping areas by the lake. They used to allow camping at the foot of each of the jettys but I guess the locals have been complaining that limited access to others that wanted to use the jettys. They have just recently posted all those spots as Day Use Only and created a designated camping area at the bend in the road just left of the boat ramp. They have set that area up into about 12-15 spots and divided them up with rows of large boulders. So far nothing has changed up top where we are though.

After we moved, we found out our internet Mifi device had started to act up. It is continuously rebooting and making our on line activities a bit difficult. Since we don't have any other cell service here, we will be a bit cut off until a replacement gets here. We are currently working with the vendor to get one.

This morning a large semi from Arkansas hauling live fish pulled into the upper lot where we are camped. It was carrying a hybrid species of carp that they use to help keep the canal clean. They dump them at several locations along the canal. They also told us that this canal, besides supplying irrigation water to the Yuma area also provides some of its drinking water.

The weather has made a complete about face compared to last week. We are now getting temperatures into the upper 20's during the day and staying fairly warm over night as well. The forecast is for this to continue at least through the middle of next week. It's about time is all I can say!

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