Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Cooling our heels for a bit

For the last week and a bit we have been hanging out at the Copper Quarter RV park here in Kamloops. This is a small, newly reopened park at the former KXA grounds. It is also joined to Kamloops Race Central at the Kamloops Agri Centre; an equestrian facility. The majority of the sites here are still pretty sparse and honestly kinda small, even for normal sized rigs. Ours pretty much takes up the whole site!

The first few days here were kinda wet! Kamloops received quite a bit of rain and it was fairly cool. 2 days ago however it warmed up quite considerably. Warm enough that we and others here fired up the air conditioners. Well, Sunday afternoon, half the park lost power. I guess their electrical feed wasn't up to the task. The owner showed up and identified the problem but of course, being Sunday, everything was closed and he couldn't get the required parts until the morning. So Sunday evening we sweltered! Monday afternoon it happened again! Fortunately this time the power was only out for 30 minutes or so. I think they need to rethink their electrical requirements. I'm afraid to think what will happen when it gets real warm.
Why are we hanging around here? The house sale closes on Thursday and we need to be around to sign the last of the papers. So far though, we have been here a week and no word from the lawyer yet although we understand they have the papers. Hopefully we will get that done soon as we are hoping to head up to Burns Lake Thursday or Friday for a float fly.

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