Tuesday, April 2, 2019


A little bit bitter sweet I guess is how one would describe our feelings. It is nice to be back in familiar country and the luxuries of a sticks and bricks where we don't have to be as concerned about the amount of water or power we use, but we both miss the new vistas and the people we have met on our travels. We have also both commented that we miss the Saguaro and other cacti that are all over southern Arizona as well as the other desert plants. One thing I particularly miss are the clear and dark desert skies and all the stars!

We ended up staying an extra day in Monroe as Chris and Steve were moving the big mill on Saturday and I added some extra muscle.

Steves new mill and lathe safely located in his garage. The mill weighs approx 3000 lbs and the lathe, 1500 or so.

Chris and Jan's 2 pups. Patty on the left and Amelia on the right. Named after a couple of famous lady pilots; Patty Wagstaff and Amelia Earhart.

After moving the mill we said our goodbyes and headed north. We had a couple of stops in Mt. Vernon and Burlington then fueled up in Bellingham. We had a 60 cent/gallon discount at Fred Meyer that we wanted to use.
No issues at the border and then we headed over to friends Walter and Louise Zarecki in Maple Ridge who had invited us for a visit, arriving there around 7.
Sunday morning the weather was clear and skies were blue so Walter and I decided to go flying. He belongs to the Mission Wings club which has a nice grass field just north of Stave Lake. We both put in lots of flights and stayed til about 1:30.
After this, we spent the afternoon chatting and playing cards.
Monday, we decided to head for home and were on the road around 9:30. We came up the Fraser Canyon in beautiful weather and got home about 3PM.

Our total mileage for the trip 12,660 Kms.
Til next time :)

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