Thursday, March 28, 2019

Almost home

After leaving Island City, we carried on to Toppenish, Wa and pulled into the Legends Casino for a night. While here we signed up for the players club and received some coupons for the buffet and a $15 credit. The next morning we used those for the buffet and had a decent breakfast before heading to Monroe.
The trip to Monroe was pretty uneventful, even the climb up over Snoqualmie Pass was a non-event.
We are now at our friends, Chris and Jan Christensen's in Monroe, Wa for a few days. I've been helping with a few chores around here but it's been pretty laid back.  Chris is a fellow modeller and we did get out for a few flights yesterday evening. Today, I believe there are plans to move a milling machine for another friend.
Tomorrow, we head back across the border and have plans to stop and visit friends in Mission.

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