Thursday, February 21, 2019

We've gone underground!

Yesterday, we again met up with Paul and Joan and traveled about an hour east to the Kartchner Caverns State Park. This is a fairly recently discovered cave system and as a result has been kept in a very pristine condition. They have built minimum impact pathways through the caves to allow visitors to see the underground wonders.
The last cave I was in was back in 2002 in Mexico and that cave was nothing compared to this one. You can really tell they have taken a lot of care to preserve this one and will for years to come.
Unfortunately they don't allow cameras on the tours so I can't share any photos other than what are available through the link above. The trip took most of the day and we spent about an hour underground on the actual tour. There is a good interpretive centre on site as well so before going on the tour we were able to explore that for an hour or so while waiting for our time slot.
Even at this time of year, it is a very busy location. Our tour was later in the day, and I believe the head count for the day yesterday was somewhere around 650 visitors on the tours.
The weather was beautiful if a bit on the cool side. The elevation at the park is close to 5,000' and we actually passed a bit of snow on the side of the road left from the storms on Monday night. There is a good sized RV park on site and some hiking trails. I would like to come back sometime and spend a bit more time here exploring the above ground attractions.
We made it back to the trailer about 5:30 and then headed into the casino for dinner. We ate at the buffet where the days menu was mostly Italian. It was typical buffet fare. I actually found the small amount of Japanese stuff they had more to my taste.
The four of us chatted for a while afterwards while we finished our wine, then Paul and Joan headed back to their hotel and we retired for the night.
Tomorrow, we head back to Yuma for a week or so.

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