Friday, December 7, 2018

Lots more rain last night

Several times last night I was awoken by the sound of heavy rain pounding on the roof of our trailer. I think it started somewhere around 1 AM and there were still some pretty good showers around at 5:30 when I got up. Once there was enough daylight to see around us, I could see there were some pretty major puddles. Also the little dry wash behind us wasn't dry any more. After it finally quit around 9, I took Maya for walk up the road as I was curious to see how much water was coming down Senator Wash. This is a (usually) dry wash that has it origins in the hills about 10 KMs Northeast of us. Sure enough, it was now a pretty good sized creek. Ferguson Road which is the access to Ferguson Lake crosses this wash and the local camp host had to barricade it for safety reasons due to the volume of water crossing. Even Senator Wash Reservoir looks like it rose several feet overnight.

Yesterday, we walked straight across, right about where that motorhome is.

From what I hear though, what we received here, pales by comparison to what the LA basin got. I have heard of large mud slides and flooded streets. Even our friends wintering in Hemet said they had some significant flooding near their park.
By noon though, it had pretty much cleared off, the sun had come out, and things were drying up quite nicely. By sunset, other than a few soft spots around, the desert was pretty much back to normal.
I am hoping the moisture will get some of the vegetation to start greening up and maybe even prompt some blooms.
Around about that time we got buzzed by a Marine Corp. Osprey.  It came over low circled around and then headed back to Yuma.

Our new end table arrived yesterday and we picked it up this morning. It fits the space nicely and should help keep some of our papers and magazines under control when we travel.
Chris did some more baking today and has started playing around with some new cookie decorating techniques. Should be yummy!

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