Thursday, December 6, 2018

Even in the desert a little rain must fall

Things are pretty quiet around here so only doing posts every couple of days or so.

Not too much to relate from yesterday. I took Maya on a good long walk and snagged a couple of geocaches along the way.
One thing we have been looking for is a new end table to go between the two euro chairs at the back of our trailer. The one we have is a bit small and only has a narrow shelf under it. Anything left on there when we travel invariably gets spread all over the floor. One of the furniture stores we stopped at the other day had one that caught our eye. It is a bit bigger and has a small cupboard that will contain its contents. It also has a built in power bar with USB charging capability that will help tidy up all our charging stuff. The one we saw in the store was marked (on sale) at $230. Chris managed to find one on for $132; and free shipping to boot! We ordered it yesterday and it should be here today. We can pick it up tomorrow. If you are interested, this is the one we ordered.

The forecast for today has been calling for light showers beginning overnight. Sure enough, sometime during the night we did get a bit of rain. It had stopped by the time we got up but everything was still a bit wet outside. Most of this morning and into the early afternoon it has been overcast and as I write this about 4PM, it is once again raining lightly. I'm hoping with this bit of moisture, some of the desert vegetation will come to life. The Ocotillos particularly come to life after a rain.

As it has been an inside kind of day, Chris has started a bit of her Christmas baking. So far she has done a batch of shortbread and I think has some sugar cookies planned for next.

As we haven't had any sun today and have been inside and using power a fair bit, I will have to run the generator for a bit to charge the batteries. I had planned to do this around this point anyway as I like to run it at least once a month just to keep it in good shape. The last time we used it was in Eugene, Or on the way down a month ago. Has it been a month already?

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