Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Rain, rain, go away!

As mentioned previously, yesterday was the official first day of Boomerville. When I checked the register we were just under a hundred registered RV's here. As soon as I can, I'll get up on the roof and take a couple of photos. I took some when we first got here, so it should make for an interesting comparison.
One of the scheduled things here is a daily walk every morning at 9, so yesterday a few of us headed out into the desert. I think we went about 2 Km's before we turned around. After that we just hung around and socialized until 4PM when the first official Happy Hour started. The first one is used to make general announcements as to how things work here and to introduce the newbies. Of everyone here, probably about a quarter of us fit that category. All the newbs are asked to get up and introduce themselves and give a short description of where they're from, how long they have been on the road, etc. I took one for the team and gave our short spiel.

Photo lifted from Boomer Facebook page
 Most of the folks at the back of this crowd are all the newbies waiting to do their introduction.

After that was all over; it took about an hour, everyone just mingled and sampled all the snacks everyone is encouraged to bring. Chris had made up some chocolate squares which we quite a hit and disappeared very quickly. There was some rain in the forecast and about 5:30 the first few drops started to fall. It didn't take long after that that everyone started dispersing. By 8 or so it had set in to a fairly steady rain and it was still raining at 10:30 when we turned in.
I had a shower last night (inside that is) and while I was washing my back I felt a small twinge in my left shoulder. I have a rib that every once in a while pops slightly out of place. I was hoping it was just a brief twinge and would go away, but no, during the night, the muscles around there started to tense up and by this morning I was in a fair bit of hurt.
It also rained all night! I woke up several times to the sound of rain on the roof and what with my sore shoulder, had trouble each time finding a comfortable position so I could get back to sleep.
When I finally did get up around 6, it was still raining and all around us things are very wet. I think it is wetter now that it was during the last rain we had at Imperial Dam. All the small washes around us are collecting water and you can see it running downhill. I am sure the larger washes and arroyos have fairly heavy streams running this morning.
Back to my shoulder for a minute. This happens occasionally and Chris knows what is needed to pop the rib back into place. It isn't fun for me as she has to apply a fair bit of force while I am laying on my stomach. But it usually helps.

I do hope the rain ends soon as our black tank is almost full and I will need to transfer some of its contents into our portable tank and haul it to the dump station in town. I don't relish the thought of having to do that in the rain!

Here is the forecast for the rest of today and through tomorrow. This snap was taken just after 10.

About 12, the rain let up so I pumped most of the black tank contents into our 30 gal drum and along with an empty propane tank, we headed into town to the RV Pit Stop. After filling the propane tank, we find out that their sani dump was not available today due to some kind of failure. They suggested another spot but when we got there they were wanting $15 to use their dump. We elected to wait and I can deal with the tank tomorrow.
On the way back to camp it started to rain again and rained quite hard til about 2:30. Now the fog has rolled in and visibility is down to only a few hundred metres.

Anyway, that's quite a long entry for today so unless something else newsworthy happens, I think I will put this one in the can.
Addendum: Around 5 PM the clouds moved out and we got about a half hour of sunshine and then this...

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