Friday, January 4, 2019

Friday, Washday, Flyday

It was still pretty chilly last night with the temp just below 0C. However the forecast for today was for light winds and a high around 14C with clear skies. Chris had some laundry that needed doing and my thumbs were getting a bit itchy so I loaded up the Carbon Cub and laundry and into town we went.
I dropped Chris off at the laundromat and I carried on out to the model field. It is only a couple of Kms further up the road so only took 5 minutes or so to get there.
There were a few guys there when I arrived so I put the Cub together for a flight. The guys who were there were all from BC. There were two guys from Invermere who I had met last year, Ted Harold from Quesnel who we fly with at Burns Lake in the summer and a fellow from Salmon Arm who I had not met before.
I got a couple of flights in and then started packing up as I figured Chris would be done soon. I guess I timed it right as she texted me just as I was about to leave.
Once back at camp I set up the clothes line and we hung up a bunch of stuff to dry. After lunch I took Maya for a good long walk and Chris worked on a craft project she wants to finish.
One other thing; Chris had an appointment with a chiropractor yesterday and it made a world of difference! She is pretty much back to normal again. I recall I went through something similar a number of years ago and as I remember, it was pretty uncomfortable.

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