Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Blythe and more groceries

Today we headed back across the Colorado River into California to Blythe as there were a few grocery essentials we were in need of. Quartzsite has a couple of grocery stores but they are pretty small so not a lot of choices. Also the prices here are a bit on the high side. Blythe isn't all that big either but it does have a decent Albertsons and a Smart and Final and Chris had researched a few things that were on sale.  It is only about 20 minutes West of Quartzsite on I-10 so makes for a fairly quick trip.

What with the colder weather we've been going through propane much faster so today we also took our 2 empty tanks and filled them as well. We did that here in Q as Arizona prices for any fuel are way cheaper than California.

We got down just below -1 last night but at least it was a bit warmer today although the wind was blowing pretty good again. According to the forecast, things are supposed to moderate a bit for the next few days. Sure hope so.

It may be nice and sunny but it's still chilly.

Yesterday morning Chris woke up with a very stiff and sore neck. She isn't sure what triggered it but it really knocked her for a loop. She was pretty much out of action most of the day. The pain had abated somewhat by bedtime so she was able to get a decent sleep. This morning was a bit better again so fortunately I think the worst is past. There is a chiropractor who comes to town once a week, so she has an appointment for an adjustment tomorrow.

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