Thursday, December 27, 2018

Quartzsite, Az

Today we packed up at Mittry Lake and headed for Quartzsite. We were here around about the same time last year and liked it enough that we stayed 3 weeks. We pulled into the La Posa South LTVA at about 1:30 and proceeded to the same spot we had last year. We even recognize some of the rigs in the area from last year.
We weren't sure what to expect when we arrived what with the partial US government shut down. We had heard stories varying from no access allowed unless you were there before the shutdown to fully open with no impact. The reality was that there were signs posted indicating that the registration booth was closed and that services might be limited but otherwise the site was still open. There are thousands and thousands of rigs in all of the 4 LTVA areas so I don't see how they could possibly close them down completely.

Once we were here and set up, we went for a short walk with Maya and noticed that the sani dump and water stations were still functioning and it appears that garbage is even being collected. We shall see how it goes if the shutdown continues however.

Quartzsite in an interesting little town in that its year round population is only around 4,000, yet in the winter and especially through January its population swells to over a million. It is known as the "Boondocking Capital of the World".
What brings so many people here in the winter months is the dry and temperate desert climate and a huge rock and gem meet from Dec. through the end of Feb. and an equally large RV show in the middle of Jan.

One little sidebar I wanted to mention began on our trip last winter. In early December we were camped out at American Girl Mine Rd near Ogilby, Ca. While there I noticed something in the sky off to the East visible between 2 mountain peaks. Whatever it was didn't move over a span of several days then disappeared for a couple of days. Before we had left it had reappeared. All I could see at that point even with binoculars was that it was a light colored vaguely streamlined dot. When we made trips into Yuma, I could see it as well and attempted the take bearings on it against recognizable landmarks but it wasn't until we moved to Mittry Lake last year that I was able to figure out what and where it was. It turns out it is a Tethered Aerostat Radar Platform and is located out in the Yuma Proving Ground.

Photo taken from Wikipedia article

There are 11 of these aerostats positioned across the country just North of the Mexican border which are currently operated by the the US Customs and Border Protection agency.
The reason I mention this now is that we drove by the site on our way to Quartzsite this afternoon. It is only about a mile from US-95 and some features are visible from the highway.

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