Saturday, December 29, 2018

Brrrrrrr! Damn, it's cold right now!

I probably shouldn't complain, but damn its cold down here right now! For the last week almost it has been getting colder. Even talking to the locals it is unseasonably cold right now.
Yesterday and last night have been the coldest yet. I don't think we got above 15 C all day and were down to about 0.5 C this morning. It wouldn't be too bad except for the wind. Yesterday it was blowing probably about 20-30 KPH. According to the forecast it is supposed to stay this way for a few days yet and possibly even colder yet with highs only around 10 and lows around 0. New Years day is the worst. If the forecast holds, they are also forecasting winds around 30-60 KPH.
At least the skies are mostly clear so we do get some fairly decent solar heating although when the sun goes down the temperature drops very fast. We are also using up propane at a good rate.

After breakfast his morning Chris and I took Maya for a walk then headed into town for a bit. We were hoping to check out the thrift store but it turned out it was closed for renovations until after New Years so we headed over to Tyson Wells instead. Tyson Wells is a combination RV Park and flea market area just south of the I-10 freeway. In January it fills up with vendors of all sorts selling everything from ATV and RV parts to tools to kitchen items. Today though there are not too many vendors set up yet. We did find a few things though.

Before heading back to the trailer we stopped for lunch at a place in town that is famous for its pizza's; Silly Als. While I am not usually a fan of pizza, I have to say that Silly Als is among the best I've had. It is probably in the top 5 anyway.

After lunch it was back to the trailer and we just took it easy for the rest of the day.

We hit maybe +12 today and the wind was blowing all day. It is about 5:45 as I write this, the sun set about 15 minutes ago and the temp is already dropping fast. It's going to be another chilly one I think.

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