Saturday, November 17, 2018

Just Chillin'

Not much to report on today. It's been pretty laid back the last couple of days.
We did have a nice visit from Lyle and Barb, friends from back home, on Thursday. They are staying about 2 hours away in Hemet, Ca.
I was able to get the engine reinstalled in the Elan today but will wait til we are out of the desert to test run it.
We are expecting a few more Boomers to show up in the next few days. The Thanksgiving 'turkey rang' (Boomer term for gathering) officially starts Monday.
Update on the bed slide issue; It looks like I will need to change the entire drive shaft as the main gear on this thing is welded to the shaft. Not too big a deal I don't think. I expect the hardest part will be punching out the pins holding the end gears on. Unfortunately Fedex won't deliver to us out in the desert so we will have to wait until we are closer to a larger metro area to order the parts.

Our camping spot

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