Sunday, November 18, 2018

Snakes Alive!

One of the things I wanted to do at Borrego this year was to visit the giant snake. I had heard about this must see attraction last year but didn't have time to make the hike. It isn't that far really, only a 20 minute hike up the hills West of our camping spot.  Today started a bit cooler and with some cloud cover so I decided to knock this off the list, leaving about 8:30. 20 minutes later I came over a slight rise and there it was.

Along with the snake there are a few other smaller sculptures that people have added more recently including a seastar(?), maybe a jackrabbit, a butterfly, a turtle, a seagull and a flower as well as a couple that I am not sure what they are.

This next photo is a shot from the ridge up near the snake looking back to where most of us are camped. You can see our trailer just to the left of the centre of the shot.

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