Wednesday, November 14, 2018

More Escapees

Looking at the weather reports from back home, I think we left at the right time. Sounds like winter has arrived back there.

We have arrived safely at our first longer term stop. We are parked in the desert just outside Borrego Springs, Ca and plan to be here for about 2 weeks.

There is an RV group we belong to that has a week long gathering here starting this weekend. This will be the first group gathering we will have joined for this gang and are looking forward to the new experience. We are the first to arrive and are hoping the rest decide they like this spot and camp close to us.
Also just across the road is another Escapees group, the Boondockers. We have met a couple of them already and plan to go visit a bit later.  Plus, nearby are the Xscapers; another Escapees group. These are mostly younger fulltimers who live and work on the road.

Everything seems to be working pretty well. No serious issues with the truck or trailer on the way down. Just one minor problem with the mechanics that move the bedroom slide in and out. I will have to order a couple of new gears but we have to figure out where to ship them first.
One thing I am noticing this trip that I don’t recall from last year is that my sinus’s are not happy. I am plugged solid. Had a heck of a time last night as I woke a couple of times unable to breath through my nose. Possibly because we got down here so quick my sinus’s didn’t have a chance to adapt. I hope they clear soon!
We are certainly enjoying the warmer weather. The forecast for the next week or so is mostly sunny skies with a few clouds and temps up to the mid 20’s during the day and mid single digits over night. It was 23 yesterday when we got here and down to about 8 overnight.

I hope to be able to post a couple of photos of the area soon

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