Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Borrego Springs

A bit cooler overnight. Woke up before 5 and it was right around +5. Filled up the water jugs in the truck from Camping Worlds tap and after taking Maya for a walk, pulled out around 8. After an initial wrong turn thanks to the GPS in the truck we got on the right road headed over to Mojave via Hwy 58 and the Tehachapi pass. We had intended to stop at a fruit stand just outside Bakersfield but they were closed when we got there so carried on. At Mojave we turned South on Hwy 14 to Palmdale then East on 18 to 2 then South on 215 to 10. We then followed 10 South to Salton City then over to Borrego via 58 arriving around 3PM. We were surprised to see that there were not too many rigs here. No where near as many as last year. We found a good spot with lots of room around us should the Escapees Boomers decide to join us here.

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