Sunday, December 16, 2018

We seem to have found a routine of sorts

Not that things are getting boring! Not at all. It's just that we seem to be running into town every 3 or 4 days.
I guess it is partially the limited fridge space we have. We tend to run low on the daily staples such as milk, eggs and produce fairly often. Chris also is keeping pretty close tabs on the sale flyers for the 2 main grocery outlets here; Fry's and Albertsons.  Of the 2, we seem to do most of our shopping at Fry's. They always seem to have several items on for very reasonable prices. Yesterday, for example, they had whole chickens on very cheap. We bought 2 large ones to use for our Christmas dinner for just over $10. Another find was strip loin steaks. A 4 pack where each steak will do a meal for the 2 of us was $17. Even factoring in the dollar difference, those prices are still quite a bit less than home.
The other reason we like Fry's is that every $100 grocery purchase is good for ten cents off per gallon at their fuel stations which are already about the lowest in the area. And the discount accumulates for the month.
I also needed some new shoes so we stopped at the Sketchers factory outlet store where I found a couple of pairs for a good price. And we stopped by Sears again (not much left) where Chris found a nice pair of earrings.

Otherwise I have been knocking off a few more maintenance items on the trailer (does it end?). Oh, and I did get our Christmas lights up.

We did see a stunning sunrise a couple of days ago. I woke up early and managed to catch a few pictures.

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