Saturday, November 24, 2018

The desert can be dusty!

Just East of us near the junction of Hwy 86 and SR 22 at Salton City is a huge OHV (Off Highway Vehicle) area. When we arrived here a week ago, it was completely deserted. Last night, coming back from Hemet, we drove past there again. What a change! The whole area was packed with hundreds of RV's and OHV's running all over the place. And dust! In some places we couldn't use high beams on the truck because the dust was so thick. All day yesterday we were seeing toy hauler trailers, cargo trailers and all sorts of OHV's on the highway. I guess now we know where they were headed.
Distance wise, that area is about 25 KM's straight line East from where we are camped. The wind here has been out of the East for the last few hours and that dust is starting to become noticeable over here now. Here's hoping it switches back to a West wind soon.
There is another large OHV area to the South East of us near a town called Ocotillo Wells. I imagine it would be packed this weekend as well.
Our plan now is to stay here until Monday and then head over to the Imperial Dam Long Term Visitor Area (LTVA) just North of Yuma. There is a Christian Service Centre there that runs a shipping centre and post office (Winterhaven, CA). We need to have a few things sent to us so we will probably hang out there for a week or so. 

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