Sunday, May 10, 2020

A month in Kamloops

After completing our 2 week isolation in Vernon and wishing my Mom a very Happy 100th birthday, we packed up and headed for Kamloops. We were originally only planning on being here a week tops but of course COVID changed all those plans. Fortunately the campground we had picked was open and had a spot for us. We stayed here last fall before heading south so knew the lay of the land.

The above 2 shots show the difference between when we arrived here a month ago and now. The trees have fully leafed out and the river has come way up from when we arrived. In fact the river is coming up so fast that it may flood the campground in a couple of weeks. That isn't unusual here as the camp is built on the flood plain. I was standing on the protective dike as I took these shots.

So for the last while we haven't been doing a whole lot. I did manage to get a couple of my to-do project items knocked off. One big one being the hot water circulation pump. You can read all about that one on my Trailer Mods page.
We also spent one full day going through our sea can storage unit. We pulled a few things out that we figured we didn't have any need for and sold them. That was mainly so we could free up some room for a few things in the trailer that we wanted to off load for the summer.
Also Chris has been working on a couple of craft projects and I managed to get out flying a couple of times. The latest being to one of the local lakes for a bit of float flying.

This is the big project Chris has been working on. She made it for some good friends in Colorado.

It's been a pretty quiet month actually.

Recall I mentioned that our summer job at the Okotoks Lions campground was up in the air due to COVID? Well, we got word yesterday that we are a go! Yahooo! They want us to start right after the Victoria Day long weekend or in about 10 days for our US followers (May 19 actually).
Things will be somewhat scaled back there initially. They only have permission to run at 50% capacity and only to self contained RV's. Normally they have some tent sites but as one of the restrictions is that their showers and washrooms have to remain closed, the tent sites have to stay closed as well.
So, we will pull out of here Saturday and head back to Vernon for a couple of days for last minute visits with our parents before heading to Alberta.

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