Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Tchesinkut / To-Sink-It

The name for this fun fly came from the lake where it started many years ago; Tchesinkut Lake. Since then the event has been at a couple of locations but about 20 years ago settled on Burns Lake at the property of Dave and Verna Hopper. They have a gorgeous piece of property right on the lake and over the years have developed it into the perfect park like setting that also happens to be a great place to fly float planes.
We have been coming here for about 14 years now and consider this to be one of the must attend events of the year.
We arrived later than usual as Dave and Verna were hosting a group of kids from one of the local church groups and the property was in use until Sunday. We pulled in about 1PM or so and had to wait til 3 or 4 before we could get set up. It was a bit different this year what with the bigger trailer. We had to move to a different spot as our usual one would have been too small and not level enough for the new rig. No worries though as we were set up in no time.
The weather for the first few days wasn't the greatest with a fair bit of rain early in the week but did slowly get better and by the time the weekend rolled around, had become quite nice.
By Thursday afternoon most of the regulars had arrived and lots of flying was happening.
Dave tends to be a very busy guy and this year was no different. One problem is that he frequently doesn't have an airplane ready to go. I tend to step in and do what I can to try and get one of his birds airworthy for the weekend. This year was no different, I think I spent 10 - 15 hours working on his new cub.
What with the weather and just being busy, I didn't get a chance to take any pictures but here are a few from previous years.

Monday morning we packed up, said our good byes and were off headed for Edmonton. We had an appointment for Wednesday morning at Woody's to get a bit of warranty work done on the trailer. I will share all the details of that and another fun fly in the next post.  Stay tuned!

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