Tuesday, January 29, 2019

New digs for Feb.

Yesterday morning we pulled up stakes and, after saying our goodbyes, pulled out of Boomerville. It was a bit sad saying good bye to new friends we had got to know in the 3 weeks we were camped at the Boomerville site but both Chris and I were looking forward to some new vistas. Also, both our grey and black holding tanks were full to almost overflowing. I don't think we could have stayed another day without dumping even if we wanted to. Our first stop was at the RV Pit Stop where we were able to take care of that issue as well as fill an empty propane tank and our water tanks as well. After one more stop for fuel we headed East.
Rather than just stay on I-8 all the way we turned onto Hwy 60 after just a few kilometres and took it to Peoria. After one stop in Wickenburg for lunch and ice cream we carried on to our destination which is the Pleasant Valley Airport and RV Park.
We were here for 2 weeks last year and enjoyed our stay so decided to come back. The airport and RV park are run by Rick and Jenanne and their cockatoo BeeBop.
After getting set up we made a quick trip to Fry's to restock the fridge and pantry then back to the trailer for the evening.
We did contact our friends Paul and Joan Good and set up a visit for today.

Today started out with a quick stop at a different Fry's as the one yesterday didn't have a couple of items we needed. After that we met up with Paul and Joan for a couple hours.
While we were there, Maya, who was with us, jumped off their easy chair and must have landed a bit wrong as we noticed she was favouring her right rear leg. Chris checked her out and didn't find anything seriously amiss other than she was a bit sensitive when Chris was checking her knee. I suspect she landed a bit wrong and may have twisted it a bit. We will keep a close eye on it and if she doesn't show any improvement in a day or two may have to take her to see a vet.
One thing we both notice this year compared to last is how green everything is. Rick was saying they have had a couple of days of rain every month for 3 or 4 months so far. The forecast is also for some more rain this weekend. He is thinking that we may get to see the desert in full bloom earlier than usual this year.
While the nice weather would be desirable, I would love to see everything in bloom.

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