Saturday, January 12, 2019

Friends visit Quartzsite

Yesterday our friends from back home, Lyle and Barb, came over from Hemet for a visit. They arrived around 2 PM and we had a nice visit for an hour or so then all of us joined in on Boomers Happy Hour at 3. They had brought some steaks and a package of mushrooms along so around 5 we retired back to the trailer and got supper started. Chris added some stuffed baked potatoes and asparagus which we had bought earlier in the day and I barbecued the steaks. Everything was delicious. We visited for another hour or so and then parted for the evening with plans to get together again today.
This morning we met up about 9 and wandered around some of the shops and flea markets for most of the day. I found a few things that I can use at one of the stops and Lyle and Barb found a few things at Tyson Wells including a neat back pack for their dog Elsie. Not a back pack to go on the dog but a back pack to carry the dog! They have a mini Schnauzer and sometimes on some of their longer hikes and walks the dog gets tired. In hindsight, I should have grabbed a pic of Lyle with Elsie on his back.
We wandered around until about 2 when it started to rain lightly then parted ways. They had to head back to Hemet, about 3 hours away.

Sometimes people look at me a bit strange when I describe the 'toys' I take with us. Also the storage required to bring them.
Well, this afternoon a rig came in that makes me feel better. My 'toys' are nothing compared to this guys!

Boomerville is starting to fill up with around 40 or 50 rigs here so far. And the event doesn't officially start until Monday.
The long range weather forecast is looking like the next week or so is for more clouds and showers. Tuesday and Wednesday especially could be a bit wet. We shall see.

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