Friday, November 23, 2018

Rockin' and rollin' in the desert

I mentioned yesterday that it was quite windy most of the day and continued through our Thanksgiving meal and into the afternoon. It did calm down a bit around sunset but the wind came up again with a vengeance overnight. The whole trailer was rocking and shaking all night. It woke Chris up several times and woke me up around 4:30. It was so bad I was worried about our solar panels up on the roof. They are pretty big and make very good sails. Everything survived the night OK though and things had calmed down by 6AM when we got up.
We had plans to go visit our friends Lyle and Barb from back home today so before we left, and just in case the wind came back up, I went up and lowered the panels to their normal travel position. Better safe than sorry. As it turned out, the day here was mostly calm.
We did get to Hemet and had a real nice visit with Lyle and Barb. We took the shorter route which starts out on SR 22 and climbs up through the mountains to Ranchita. The geology of these hills is really weird. They look like nothing more than a huge rubble pile. Just lots of huge boulders piled up. After reaching the summit and passing through Ranchita, we turned North on CA-79N and followed it to Sage Rd. Sage Rd was another very narrow windy road that dropped back down into Riverside county and Hemet. All told it was about 75 mi. (125 Kms) but took almost 2 hours. I wasn't relishing the thought of coming back via the same route after dark so we took a slightly longer but easier route back, arriving back here about 8PM. We had a very nice day with Lyle and Barb and got in a bit of Black Friday shopping to boot.

The view from the top of the hill on SR22 looking back at Borrego Springs. Our camping area can just be seen in the centre of the shot.
I have zoomed in as much as I can with this shot. You can see our camping area a bit better in the centre.

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