Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy (US) Thanksgiving!

The day started out overcast with a slight chance of showers but the forecast showed it clearing later. I didn’t think we would get a full charge today but once the sun did come out we were back to full by about 1PM.
I figured today would be a good day to do a bit of flying so dug the Carbon Cub out, took a couple of the neighbours that were interested and went up the road a bit so we were clear of all the RV’s and put in a couple of flights. I did manage to avoid the creosote bushes this time! Just as we we were finishing up the wind came up and it blew 15 - 25 KPH for the rest of the morning then picked up to 25-40 KPH through the afternoon and well into the evening.
Everyone got together at about 2 PM for our Thanksgiving meal. We set up between 2 of the larger motor homes which acted as a pretty fair wind break. Despite the wind it turned out quite nice. Lots of food so no-one went away hungry anyway.

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