Friday, January 25, 2019

CARE auction

Since my last entry, I am happy to say, the weather here has pretty much gone back to normal. The wind has died back to just a light breeze and the daytime temps are back up into the low 20's. The nights are still getting a bit cool, going down to 5 or 6C or so but as soon as the sun comes up it warms up fairly quickly.
Wednesday and yesterday, Chris had been doing quite a bit of baking, getting things ready for the CARE auction. C.A.R.E. stands for Continuing Assistance for Retired Escapees. It is a non-profit located in Livingston, Texas started by Escapee members to help those members who can no longer travel or are recovering from injuries or illnesses. The various Escapee chapters and BoF's usually do some fundraising to help the organization operate.
Traditionally at Boomerville during the second week they do an auction. All the items up for auction have been donated either by Escapee members or by manufacturers or dealers in the RV industry. As we have the big RV show going on here now, quite a few items were donated by vendors at the show.
We had so many items donated that the auction, which started just after lunch, ran til about 4:30. They had 4 auctioneers taking turns and a bunch of "Vannas" showing the items.

The Vannas (photo lifted from the Boomers FB page.)
A small portion of the loot up for bids
A small portion of the attendees at the auction
One of Chris's cinnamon roll trays up for bid
The baking Chris was doing was for donation to the auction. She made up 4 pans of her world famous cinnamon buns with creme cheese icing as well as 2 pineapple upside down cakes.
There were a number of other baking items up for bid as well but Chris's stuff brought in the most money by far. Believe it or not, her baking brought a total of $296! Adding to that, one of her Swedish woven throws went for $85 bringing her total to just over $380!
They haven't announced a total yet but I expect the total revenue from the auction and other associated revenue generating things yesterday will probably come close to $8,000.

As yesterdays festivities went late into the afternoon, Chris and I decided to go out for dinner. We wound up at the "Times 3 Eatery" in town. Both of us chose the ribs special for $11.99. It was OK. There was plenty of food but I think they plated the sides well before the ribs were ready as when we received the plates, the sides were barely warm while the ribs themselves were hot. Can't really blame them too much as the place was packed as is almost every restaurant in town at this time of year.

Today after breakfast we went back into town to the big tent as there were a couple of items I wanted to pick up. We wandered around there and a couple of other places for a few hours until my right ankle started to get a bit sore, then headed back to camp arriving just around lunch time.

There was also a big group potluck dinner this afternoon. People started to gather around 3:30 and food was served just after 4.  We had a visit from Gerry and Marilyn Gerow who winter in Yuma this afternoon as well. They were also able to join us for the potluck.

Finally at sunset, the Desert Winds Twin Cinema fired up and we all enjoyed a showing of the Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz classic, "The Long Long Trailer"!

Oh, and the total that was announced after the potluck was just over $11,000. This was for everything generated in the last 2 weeks.

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