Thursday, December 13, 2018

Taking life easy

Not a lot happening around here the last couple of days. Just hanging out and enjoying the weather.
After the rains last week, it is starting to dry up again. The humidity is dropping back to more normal levels and the daytime temperatures are getting back up into the low 20's. Although it does cool off rapidly when the sun goes down.

Tuesday mornings the local RC club flies float planes off the dock down on the lake. While I didn't have anything ready to fly, I did go down and visited for a while. They start at the crack of dawn and usually only stay a couple of hours. Afterwards we made a quick into town to pick up a few things.

Today, Maya and I went on probably my longest and toughest hike around here yet. There is a geocache that is only a couple of hundred metres from our camp, but to get to it is a good 45 minute to one hour hike and scramble; about 2 or 3 kilometres each way. It is just across the canal but to get to it you have to hike quite a ways up one canyon then cross over another hill then back down a dry wash followed by a steep climb and scramble up to the top of the hill across the canal. Gotta give Maya credit, she kept up like a trooper. There was only one spot that I had to lift her up where I had a short climb up a steep rock face.

This is the view back to our camp from the hill on the other side of the canal.

On the way, I spotted this nice example of an Ocatollio flower.

And another shot of a Brittle Bush in full bloom.

After lunch I started another maintenance project on the trailer that I should get finished tomorrow.
And last but not least, I hung up our Christmas lights.

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