Friday, December 21, 2018

More fiery skies today

It must be the weather lately; we have been having some clouds around instead of the normally sunny skies the last couple of days.
This morning, this is what greeted me shortly after I got up.

And after an almost totally cloudy day, we saw this in the West just after sundown.

Otherwise, today was laundry day so another run into town. We also stopped at Fry's for some more groceries. We caught some really good beef sales today as well. We picked up 2 huge T-bone steaks with large tenderloin portions for less than $17. Also a 5.7 pound (2.6 kg) rib roast for $22.67.
Sure wish we could find prices like that back home.
Mind you, I see our dollar is taking a bit of a nose dive today so maybe the prices weren't quite as good as we thought.

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