Thursday, November 29, 2018

Connectivity issues

A few days ago while we were still in Borrego, our Verizon MiFi started to slow way down and eventually quit completely. No idea why as it all seemed to be working OK, just not passing any data. I contacted the provider and they said they would ship a replacement although I had to tell them to wait as we wouldn't be able to receive anything until we got to Imperial Dam. Once we arrived here, I again contacted them and they shipped one out the same day. Fortunately we have our Telus Canada/USA roaming plan on our phones although it does have a limited amount of data available.
Today I got a call from them and they asked me to turn our unit off for a few minutes. I could hear some mad typing in the background then they asked me to turn it back on. Guess what? It started working! No idea what they did but they mentioned something about it being disconnected from the network.
There is still a replacement on its way which is supposedly a 'newer' unit. I'm not sure if it is just a newer version of our same model or a newer model. Will see when it gets here.
Otherwise, this morning we did a bit of geocaching then gave Maya a bath as she was starting to get a bit grubby.

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